Winthrop University supports geocaching on campus-owned properties. However, there are many sensitive areas around Winthrop (public art installations, wetlands, sports fields, etc.) that could be harmed, even inadvertently, by geocachers. In order to balance the need for protection of these areas with the interests of geocachers, guidelines have been established. See the Geocaching Policy page for details.

Check out the Winthrop University 125th Anniversary Geocaching History Exam.

Considerations when geocaching on Winthrop Campus:

  • Please pay attention to all parking regulations.
  • Due to the volume of students, faculty and staff during weekdays, it is recommended that you visit during the evenings or on weekends.
  • There may be times when events (such as graduation at the coliseum) prevent you from being able to get to or park near some geocaches. Please be respectful of those events and the attendees.