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The Physical Education Majors Club (PEM) is open to all students enrolled in the Teacher Certification, degree program.  The PEM Club sponsors a number of special events during the year including participation in the SuperStars competition during the SCAAHPERD Convention, Hoop for Hearts, and other fundraising and social activities during the year.  The PEM Club is a professional organization that allows students to begin to develop as professionals in the discipline by networking with other students on campus and across the state. 


The purpose of the PEM club is to provide professional development and networking opportunities to students enrolled in the PETE program. The focus is on developing professional friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime.  


1.  To develop professional friendships that will last a lifetime.   

2.  To participate in a series of professional development and growth opportunities such as the Post Lecture, SCAHPERD Convention, and other campus and regional activities.   

3.  To understand the rich history and tradition of the PETE program at Winthrop University.  


The PEM club has a long tradition at Winthrop University.  For over 80 years the PEM Club has provided professional development and growth opportunities for undergraduate students.  The friendship formed through active participation in the PEM Club last a lifetime.  The club allows undergraduate students to share common experiences that enrich their academic preparation at Winthrop and lead to professional friendships that form the foundation of a  professional network that can be accessed for guidance and help throughout your career.  The Department celebrates this tradition through the publication of the X-PEM Press, which provides updates and news about the department to alumni twice a year.  


If you are interested in playing intramurals, here is the link that has the schedule of sporting events.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Adam, Melissa, Corey, Brittany Cain or Dr. Jenny



The Physical Education Majors Club (PEM) is open to all students enrolled in the Teacher Certification degree program.   




Next Meeting is September 30th at 11AM in West Center room 214



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Scholarship winners

Winthrop Physical Education Major Scholarship Winners:



 For of those of you who do not know me, my name is Brittany Cain and I am the secretary of the PEM Club.  So pretty much, I take all the notes and keep up with all the info that has anything to do with the club.  I have attached four documents to this email, and they are very important.  

The first, are the minutes from the first PEM Club meeting we had this year.  There is some very important info in that bad boy, so please read it.  

 The second is the Bylaws that the club is ran off of.  If you ever have any questions about how much are dues, or how many meetings you need to attend, that info is in the Bylaws.  

 The third is the PEM Pal sheet!  If you were not at the last meeting, we are trying to create sort of a big brother/big sister program through the club.  Please fill out the sheet and bring it to the next meeting so we can start pairing.  

The fourth is the SCAHPERD membership application.  If you are planning on attending SCAHPERD this year, you must let me (Brittany) know by SEPTEMBER 10th.  Once you have let me know, please print off the sheet, fill it out, and take it to Dr. Jenny's office.  If you do not email me by the 10th, telling me you are planning to attend SCAHPERD, you will have to pay for your membership and the convention fee by yourself.    

 Lastly, dues for PEM Club are due by the next meeting.  They are $10.

 The next PEM Club meeting is Friday, September 19th.  Thank you for reading this very long email.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Adam, Melissa, Cory, Dr. jenny, or myself. 

 PEM love,

Brittany Cain


PEM Officers

PEM Club By-Laws