Teaching Teachers to Work with English Language Learners (TTWELL) Grant

The TTWELL grant is a 3-year (2007-2010) National Professional Development Program grant funded by the US Department of Education (Grant #T195N070124) at Winthrop University.

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The grant offers 3 components:

Component 1:

SC Teacher Training for ESOL Add-on Certification


Component 2:

SC Teacher Training for Professional Development through one summer course



Component 3:

Winthrop Faculty Training




Dr. Kelly M. Costner

Dr. Elke Schneider Linda Icard
Co-Director TTWELL Grant Co-Director TTWELL Grant Graduate Assistant
Assistant Professor Associate Professor TTWELL
803-323-2478 803-323-4003 803-323-2412
costnerk@winthrop.edu  schneidere@winthrop.edu  ttwell@winthrop.edu



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Updated on:  09/15/2010