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Dong Wang (MBA/Accounting, May 1997)

Vice President of Fund Accounting,

JP Morgan, New York, New York

Lei Jiang (MBA, August 2001) is a Commodity Manager in Purchasing Department of Case New Holland (a Fortune Global 500), Racine, WI. Most important part of his duty is to set commodity strategy, and conduct large scale negotiations. The amount of annual spending he manages is up to $100 million.

From the left to the right:

Jianghua Zhu is International Business Development Manager at CommScope Inc.

Nan Yang is MBA student at Columbia University.

Daughter of Dr. Cao.

Dr. Qidong Cao, Professor of Quantitative Methods.

Visiting Scholar from Shanghai International Studies University.

Mrs. Cao.

Wei Li is an Advanced Specialist at Goldman Sachs.

Yihong Wu (MBA/Accounting, August 2003) is an Accountant/Fiscal Analyst III in South Carolina State Treasurer's Office, Columbia.

Jianhua Zhu (BS of CIFS, December 2004) has been with CommScope Inc. (Fortune 1000 and Manufacturing Fortune 500) since he graduated from Winthrop. He is a Global Product Line Director (a senior manager position). He earned EMBA degree from Duke University while working full time for CommScope.

Wei Li (BS of CSCI, May 2005) was Associate of Audit Services at KPMG, and Senior Accountant in the Headquarters of Disney World after he got BS degree from Winthrop. He is now an Advanced Specialist at Goldman Sachs.
Rui Zhao (MBA/Accounting, May 2006) has been a Senior Accountant at Chester County Government since he graduated from Winthrop.

From the left to the right:

Dr. Cao (Faculty Advisor of WCSSA)

Xiaodong Wang (MBA/Accounting, August 2007) was a Cost Accountant in Charlotte after graduated from Winthrop, and he is a Ph.D. student of Accounting at Queen's University, Canada.

Mrs. Cao.

Rui Zhao (MBA/Accounting, May 2006) is a Senior Accountant at Chester County Government.

Dr. Wang (Faculty Advisor of WCSSA).

The first group of NTU students coming in August 2009 (from the left to the right):

Eva, Chloe, Simone, Tina, Ann, and Helen.

Xiaobo Hu (MBA/Accounting, May 2010) is a Business Analyst in LHP Software Corporation, Columbus, IN. In a position of combination of accounting and finance, he is in charge of monthly account closing domestically and internationally, and investment analysis. 
Cong Wang (MBA/Accounting, December 2011) is an Audit Associate atPWC, Charlotte, NC.
Chuan Gao (MBA, May 2012) entered PhD program at Wake Forest University with a full graduate assistantship immediately after graduation from Winthrop.