Winthrop University REU

Bridging Applied and Theoretical Mathematics

May 26th - July 24th

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Winthrop University REU: Bridging Applied and Theoretical Mathematics is a nine week research experience in mathematical biology. Participants will begin research with the full-time support of a faculty research mentor, and transition to graduate style mathematics research. The program includes a professional development seminar, a mathematical colloquium, and opportunities to engage with multi-disciplinary groups of students participating in research experiences on campus. Participants will receive a $4,500 stipend, on campus housing and a modest food allotment. Support is available for travel to and from Winthrop and to attend the Joint Mathematics Meetings to present research.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. U.S. Citizen or permanent resident who will be enrolled in an undergraduate program during the Fall of 2015.
  2. Must be
    1. currently enrolled at an undergraduate institution whose highest mathematics degree is at the Associate's or Bachelor's level
    2. enrolled at an institution with a graduate mathematics program but special circumstances limit your access to undergraduate research opportunities at your home institution.


Applications will be available on the MathPrograms website and must be received no later than February 13th. We welcome applications from all hard working mathematicians and are especially excited about helping prepare students from groups underrepresented in mathematics graduate programs for a career in mathematics.  Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously participated in a summer long mathematics research program.  On the mathjobs site you will be asked to provide brief answers to the following questions.  It may be helpful to preprare your answers in advance.


Hannah Horner, Alex Middleton  and Dr. Abernathy have submitted their paper for publication!

Jeremy Burke and Dr. Abernathy have submitted their paper for publication!

Marie Mauhar, Zoe Vernon and Dr. Rusinko have submitted their paper for publication!

Jane Coons and Dr. Rusinko have submitted their paper for publication!

REU participants have made presentations at RUMC at UNC-Greensboro, The Mathematical Biosciences Institutue, the National Institute for Mathematical and Biologial Synthesis, MathFest, The Texas Undergraduate Math Conference, the Council of Undergraduate Research Symposium...and growing and growing.  Not bad for a group of students who finished their research in July!

Hannah Horner and Alex Middleton recieved the Janet L. Andersen Award for Undergraduate Research in Mathematical or Computational Biology for their presentation at MathFest

Heather Gronewald recieved the Pi Mu Epsilon award for her presentation at MathFest.

This program is supported by the  National Science Foundation award DMS-1358534.

For more information please feel free to email or contact Dr. Rusinko at 803-323-4643.

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