What is Cassens' Cup? How do I participate? How do I earn points? How is my floor's score determined?
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what is cassens' cup?

Cassens' Cup is a program sponsored by Resident Students' Association (RSA) to encourage a strong sense of residence hall community and campus involvement.  The competition originated in 1981 and is named for  Ms. Cynthia Cassens, who served as the Director of Residence Life at Winthrop University for 39 years from 1978 – 2017. By developing this spirited competition, RSA has had great success in getting the residential students at Winthrop involved in and excited about their college experience.  We hope that you'll find participation fun and rewarding!

how do I participate?

Each week this semester, your RA will post a Cassens' Cup Tally Sheet or you can submit your activities via bit.ly/cassenscup.  By recording the activities that you and your floor-mates participate in, your floor gains points.  As you can see from the Cassens' Cup Scoring System posting, there are many ways that you can help earn points for your floor.

how do I earn points?

10 Points

Attend RSA General Body Meeting or RSA sponsored program.

5 Points

Attend Hall Council meetings or programs, programs in the residence halls, Resident Assistant Interest Sessions, or participate in the RA Interview Process.

2 Points

Each person, 2 or more who: go to the mall, perform volunteer service, go to or rent movies, clubs, restaurants, museums, Dacus library, spiritual functions, plays, play sports, exercise, cook, travel, DSU event, cultural event, sports event, fraternity/sorority event, etc. You must be specific about the activities, don't just write "We went out." because we will not count it.

What Doesn't Count

Staying in your room, doing laundry, Greek recruitment or mandatory meetings, going to Thomson/Dinkins/DiGs for a meal. buying/smoking cigarettes, buying/drinking alcohol, any illegal activities, and anything that isn't reported correctly.

Activities listed on the Cassens' Cup Tally Sheet Must be specific, or they cannot be counted!

how is my floor's score determined?

We add the total points for your floor, divide by the number of residents living on your floor as of the beginning of the contest, then multiply by 100.  we feel this makes each floor able to compete equally.  We have created three divisions that create competitions between traditional-style halls, suite-style halls, and apartment-style halls, giving everyone an opportunity to win The Cassens' Cup.

what do we get if we win?

First Place - $75.00 to use within the floor community plus name on trophy

Second Place - $50.00 to use within the floor community

Third Place - $25.00 to use within the floor community

 current standings

The current standings can be found here!

cassens' cup forms

What is Cassens' Cup

Cassens' Cup Talley Sheet

Cassens' Cup Scoring System