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Students--Summer 2016

SmithLab Summer Research Students:
Kaelin Murphy (Winthrop, INBRE support), Josh Sauer (Winthrop, INBRE support), Joseph Horacek (Winthrop, Research Council support), Brooke Davis (Winthrop, Research Council support), Audrey Hughes (Winthrop, Research Council support).

Audrey Hughes: Audrey is a rising sophomore biology major. This summer, she is investigating circadian variation in M-phase and S-phase in the annelid Aeolosoma, using immunocytochemical labeling for M-phase and S-phase along with confocal microscopy. Her work is funded by the Winthrop University Research Council.

Joseph Horacek: Joseph graduated from Furman University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in biology and will be starting his Masters Degree work here in the Fall.  In 2015, he co-authored a paper based on his undergraduate research.  This summer, he is researching cryptic speciation among marine meiofaunal flatworms and received funding from the Winthrop University Research Council.



Kaelin Murphy is a rising sophomore biology major. Kaelin is acquiring 18S rDNA sequences from all flatworms at our Iron Steamer Pier site, where we are comparing the present community to historical data collected by Reinhard Rieger and others in the early 1970's. Kaelin's work this summer is funded by INBRE. Kaelin plans to attend medical school following graduation.

Josh Sauer is a rising sophomore taking a dual major in biology and political science with a minor in chemistry. This summer, Josh is studying the diet of meiofaunal gastrotrichs using diagnostic PCR. Josh's work is funded by INBRE. Josh plans to attend dental school following graduation.


Brooke Davis is a rising junior biology major. This summer, Brooke is studying the structure of the male copulatory organ in selected species of the meiofaunal flatworm group Schizorhynchia. Brooke received funding for her summer work from the Winthrop Research Council. Brooke plans to pursue a PhD degree in biomedical science following graduation.



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