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Invertebrate Stem Cells

  • Verdoodt F, Willems M, Mouton S, DeMulder K, Bert W, Houthoofd W, Smith III JPS & Ladurner P. (2012) Stem cells propagate their DNA by random segregation in the flatworm Macrostomum lignano. PLoS ONE 7(1):e30227
  • Egger B, Steinke D, Tarui H, De Mulder K, Arendt D, Borgonie G, Funayama N, Gschwentner R, Hartenstein V, Hobmayer B, Hooge M, Hrouda M, Ishida S, Kobayashi C, Kuales G, Nishimura O, Pfister D, Rieger R, Salvenmoser W, Smith III J, Technau U, Tyler S, Agata K, Salzburger W, Ladurner P. (2009) To be or not to be a flatworm: The Acoel controversy. PLoS ONE 4(5):e5502.

Meiofaunal Ecology

  • Fegley SR, Smith III JPS, Johnson D, Schirmer A, Jones-Boggs J, Edmonds A, Bursey J. (2020) Nourished, exposed beaches exhibit altered sediment structure and meiofaunal communities. Diversity 2020, 12, 245.
  • Balsamo M, Artois T, Smith III JPS, Todaro AM, Guidi L, Leander B, Van Steenkiste N. (2020) The curious and neglected soft-bodied meiofauna: Rouphozoa (Gastrotricha and Platyhelminthes). Hydrobiologia 847(12)2613-2644.
  • Maghsoud H, Weiss A, Smith III JPS, Litvaitis MK & SR Fegley. (2014) Diagnostic PCR can be used to illuminate meiofaunal diets and trophic connections. Invertebrate Biology. 133:121-127

Systematics of Meiofaunal and Other Platyhelminthes

  • Smith III JPS, Schaerer L. (2021) Bradynectes ensifer, n. sp. (Platyhelminthes: Macrostomorpha) from North Carolina, USA. Zootaxa 4927(4):587-592.
  • Tucker K, Stevens C & JPS Smith III. (2014) Cicerina debrae n.sp. (Platyhelminthes, Kalyptorhynchia, Cicerinidae) from the Southern Atlantic Coast, USA. Zootaxa 3821:496-499.
  • Bursey J, Smith III JPS & M Litvaitis. (2012) Kataplana celeretrix n. sp. (Platyhelminthes: Proseriata: Otoplanidae) from the Coast of North Carolina, USA. Zootaxa 3184: 59–63.
  • Whitson A, JPS Smith III & M Litvaitis. (2011) Lehardyia alleithoros sp. nov., (Turbellaria, Kalyptorhynchia) from the Coast of North Carolina, U.S.A. Southeastern Naturalist 10(2):221-232.
  • Pedersen J, R. Bullock, J. Carlton, J. Dijkstra, N. Dobroski, P. Drynda, R Fisher, L. Harris, N. Hobbs, G. Lambert, E Lazo-Wasem, A. Mattieson, M. Pia-Miglietta, J. Smith, J. Smith III & M Tyrell (2005) Marine Invaders in the Northeast. Judith Pedersen, ed. MIT Sea Grant College Program Publication #05-3
  • Hooge, M.D. & Julian P.S. Smith III. (2004) New acoels (Acoela, Acoelomorpha) from North Carolina. Zootaxa 442:1-24.
  • Noga, E.J., Julian Smith III, & Stephen A. Smith. (1999). Turbellarian infection of carangids. J. Fish Diseases 22:489-491
  • Smith, J.P.S. and L. Bush. (1991) Convoluta pulchra, n.sp., from the East Coast of North America Trans. Am. Microsc. Soc. 110:12-26
  • Smith, J.P.S. and S. Tyler (1984) Serial-sectioning of resin-embedded material for light microscopy: Recommended techniques for micro-metazoans. Mikroskopie (Wien) 41:259-270.

Invertebrate Ultrastructure and Phylogeny

  • Doe DA & JPS Smith III (2016) Ultrastructure of the male copulatory organ of Prognathorhynchus busheki AX (Platyhelminthes, Kalyptorhynchia). Invertebrate Biology 135:150-162. DOI 10.1111/ivb.12125
  • Cannon JT, Vellutini BC, Smith III J, Ronquist F, Jondelius U & Hejnol A (2016) Xenacoelomorpha is the sister group to Nephrozoa. Nature 530:89-93.
  • Smith III JPS, Litvaitis MK, Gobert S, Uyeno TA & T Artois (2015) Evolution and Functional Morphology of the Proboscis in Kalyptorhynchia (Platyhelminthes). Integrative and Comparative Biology 55: :205-216 doi:10.1093/icb/icv056
  • Chandler, R.M., M.B. Thomas & J.P.S. Smith III. 1992. The role of shell granules and accessory cells in eggshell formation in Convoluta pulchra (Turbellaria, Acoela). Biol. Bull. (Woods Hole) 182:54-65.
  • Rieger, R.M., S. Tyler, J.P.S. Smith & G.E. Rieger. 1991. "Platyhelminthes: Turbellaria", In: Microscopic Anatomy of Invertebrates, volume III (F.W. Harrison, ed.), John Wiley & Sons, N.Y.
  • Smith, J.P.S., M.B. Thomas, R. Chandler and S.F. Zane. 1988. Granular inclusions in the oocytes of Convoluta sp., Nemertoderma sp., and Nemertinoides elongatus (Turbellaria, Acoelomorpha). Fortschr. Zool. 36:263-269.
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  • Klauser, M., J. Smith and S. Tyler. 1986. Ultrastructure of the frontal organ in Convoluta "pulchra" and Macrostomum spp: Significance for models of the turbellarian archetype. Hydrobiologia 132:47-52
  • Smith, J. and S. Tyler. 1985. Fine-structure and evolution of the frontal organ in Turbellaria Acoela: 1. Diopisthoporus gymnopharyngeus n. sp. Zool Scr 14(2):91-102.
  • Smith, J. and S. Tyler. 1985. The acoel turbellarians: kingpins of metazoan evolution or a specialized offshoot? In The origins and relationships of lower invertebrates. Edited by Conway Morris S, George JD, Gibson R, Platt HM. Oxford: Calderon Press; 1985:123–142.

Microscopy outreach and education

  • Green, S, Julian Smith III & Kenyon Brown (2007). Using QuickWrites as a classroom assessment tool: Prospects and problems. Journal of Educational Research and Policy Studies 7:38-52.
  • Green, S. & Julian Smith III. 2005. Small things draw big interest. Science and Children 42:30-34

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